Cacao 101

Cacao/Cocoa – Dried and fermented fatty seed of the theobroma cacao tree. Cocoa, the most common spelling in the English speaking world, is derived from the Spanish word cacao. Cacao is itself derived from the Nahuatl (ancient Mesoamerican) word cacahuatl.

Chocolate – Food made from cacao seeds which is roasted, ground and usually sweetened. It is usually formed in a liquid, paste or block or used as flavouring in other foods.

Nahuatl – formal name of the language spoken by the Aztec people. The most well documented and studied language classical language of the Americas.

Teaobroma – A Canadian company that uses cacao shells as a base for its various tea/tisane blends. The name is a portmanteau of tea and theobroma, the tree from which cacao seeds are harvested.

Theobroma Cacao – (cacao tree, cocoa tree) small tree native to the tropical regions of Central and South America from which cocoa beans are harvested.

Xocolatl – Nahuatl word meaning 'bitter water.' Ancient Mesoamericans prepared this fermented drink by mashing the fruit of the cocoa pod along with the beans, shell, and husk. The entire fruit was used to create this highly revered drink. It was typically used for healing, and rituals, or reserved for consumption by royalty and the ruling elite.