Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell directly to the customer?

At present we are strictly wholesale. We may in the future offer our product direct to consumer.

2. How can I become a reseller?

Most tea shops, online retailers, tea rooms, cafes, hotels, and restaurants will qualify as a reseller. Contact us to find out if you qualify. 

3. Where are your ingredients sourced?

Our cacao shells come from small estates in South and Central America, Madagascar, and Oceania. Our peppermint is a second flush peppermint from farms in Canada and the United States. Our strawberries and other dried fruits come from Canada and the United States. Our essential oils are all natural and sourced primary from North American sources.

4. Are your products organic?

All the shells and many of the ingredients we use come from Organic sources. We do not yet have Organic certification (but we're working on it) so we cannot market our products as such.

5. Is there really no caffeine in your tea?

That's correct, the caffeine does stay in the cacao shell.