What kind of tea are you looking for?

Traditional Teas

For the purists. If you are looking for a classic staple or estate tea, you will find them in our Traditional Teas. Looking for Kenilworth Estate, Milk Oolong or a Japanese Genmaicha? You will find them and more here.

Caffeinated Blends

Here you will find a selection of caffeinated tea blends. These teas combine the flavour and health benefits of caffeinated and herbal blends. Black tea blends have a deep rooted base softened by lighter fruity and floral notes. Green tea blends are similarly boosted by fruity and herbal ingredients.

Herbal Teas

Here you will find a selection of herbal teas and blends. These teas contain dried fruits, herbs, grasses, spices, and even cacao shells. Fruity blends make great iced teas in the summer. Herbal tea blends make great gifts for people who don't drink traditional tea.

Happy Body Teas

These teas are selected for their high antioxidant content. Most of these teas are green and come from high altitude growing regions of East Africa. This category also contains herbal blends selected for other nutritive qualities.

Cacao Teas

Straight from Ecuador - introducing cacao tea. These teas taste like a South American dark chocolate bar. Cacao teas provide a boost of theobromine - a compound like caffeine, but more mellow. These are great teas any time of day or night!

Specialty Teas

Looking for something special that you cannot find anywhere else? We have teas made from highly aromatic and flavourful cacao (chocolate) beans. There's a chaga tea made from...fungus, and ceremonial Japanese tea you've already tasted.