Fundraiser Program

Is your non-profit organization or school interested in raising funds?

Teaobroma Chocolate Tea Fundraisers are a great way to increase your fundraising sales activities.

The fusion of luxury steeped tea and decadent chocolate is an easy sell. In the past few years there has been a large increase in the awareness of ethically sourced foods and beverages, along with an appreciation of luxury loose leaf teas and tisanes. Further, chocolate is one of the most gifted and appreciated commodities in North America.

The profit margins offered with our fundraisers are twice as much as the average nationally recognized fundraiser.  Your organization's take away is $10 on a $30 order, compared to $5 take away with other fundraisers. With Teaobroma Fundraisers, you’ll hit your fundraising goals FASTER.

Program details:

  • All organizations must pre-qualify for the program. Contact us now to see if your organization qualifies.
  • Teaobroma will set up an ecommerce website for free specifically tailored to your fundraiser to raise awareness and facilitate sales.
  • Sales can be entered on the site by your participants or their customers directly.
  • Distribution of raised funds can be split between participants and the organization as per your choosing. For example, on a sale where your take away is $10, $8 can go to the participant and $2 to the organization. 
  • Your participants will each receive a marketing kit with product samples and literature on the product.
  • When the fundraising efforts are complete, we will calculate all the orders on the website, and bulk ship you the product (on our dime) to distribute among your customers. Out of town orders can optionally be shipped directly from our warehouse at cost. This way, you can sell to friends and family anywhere in North America. 

Simple, eh? Our fundraising program is FUN and a socially just way of creating value for your organization, school or non-profit organization.