Wedding Registries

Your special day. A time to celebrate the union of two people and two families. A time to be thankful to those you love for their support over the years.

That emotional day is ephemeral, fleeting. It is gone in an instant. The tears of joy, that look on your Grandmother’s face, the incident on the dancefloor by your in-laws (it’s never your family) - they all happen way too fast.

There are two ways to preserve those memories: photos/videos, and providing a take-home bag for your guests. A bag of tea with your wedding label in the take-home bag will remind your guests of your special day every time they enjoy a cup of your bespoke tea.

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Quick-tip: All our blends can be turned into simple syrup infusions. This means your custom tea blend can be used in cocktails and mocktails on your wedding night. Serve your guests a Chocolate Martini if you go with one of our cacao blends. For a tropical theme wedding, try our Tropical Cooler blend, and serve your guests a Pina Colada made with a simple syrup of the same tea blend. These syrups can also be used to create an italian soda (just add crushed ice) for your underaged guests. Everytime your guests enjoy the take-home tea, the scents and flavours from the same cocktails on your wedding night will strengthen their neural connection to the memories.

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